Actually three kingdoms – Avalon, Inismore, and the Highland Marches – Avalon was invaded by Montaigne in 1066, and only threw off its rule about ten years ago when Queen Elaine united the three kingdoms.

In 1658, Elaine announced that any man sailing under the Avalonian banner would be called “noble sailor”, equivalent to a knight, and they would own a percentage of the plunder taken while under the Avalon flag, no matter how that plunder was acquired.

A year later, the King of Castille built an armada to crush Avalon. It was smashed by Avalon’s tiny navy through a series of incredible events, propelling Avalon into world politics.

Rumors of mysterious happenings in Avalon are as common as wildflowers, and fabulous tales of faeries, spirits, and sentient forests abound!


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