The Game of 20 Questions

What country is your Hero from?

How would you describe your character physically?

Does your character have any recurring mannerisms?

What is your Hero’s main motivation?

What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

What are your Hero’s least favorite things?

How would you describe your character’s psychology?

What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?

What is your Hero’s highest ambition? Greatest love?

What is your Hero’s opinion of his country?

Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?

Is your Hero in love? Married? Betrothed?

What about your Hero’s family?

What would your Hero’s parents say about your Hero?

Is your Hero a gentleman/gentlewoman?

How religious is your character? To what sect of which Church does s/he belong?

Is your character the member of any Guild, Gentleman’s Club, or Secret Society?

What does your Hero think of Sorcery?

If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?

The Game of 20 Questions

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